Hill Forts Of Rajasthan

India is well known to the world for its ancient civilization and magnificent historical heritage. Many examples of historical monuments can be seen in different parts of India. The biggest challenge today, we are facing is the preservation of our heritage sites. But surprisingly one of the big achievement for India comes in 2013, during the 37th meeting of world heritage committee of UNESCO, in Cambodia. Where 6 forts from the Indian state of Rajasthan were given the status of World Heritage Sites and are known as Hill Forts Of Rajasthan.

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Bhutan The Mysterious Kingdom In The Lap Of Great Himalayas

The most mysterious kingdom of the planet, which always remains unknown to the outer world Bhutan. It is now the most attractive destination for travelers where development is not measured by the GDP growth but by the Happiness Index. If you want to explore the most mysterious place on earth, then the kingdom of Bhutan in the lap of great Himalayas is the most attractive destination for you. Here we will discuss about the places to visit in Bhutan. Continue reading “Bhutan The Mysterious Kingdom In The Lap Of Great Himalayas”


Nominated For The Liebster Award 2017

It feels amazing if your work is appreciated by others. If people like your work and responded accordingly, then enthusiasm enhances which intensifies the light in you to continuously focus on your passion.  Nomination for the Liebster Award gives same feeling and excitement to me to focus more towards the blogging. Maintaining a blog is really a challenging task and requires a lot of hard work. When I get nominated for the award I was like what is Liebster Award….? Continue reading “Nominated For The Liebster Award 2017”


Untold Stories of Udaipur

Udaipur was once the capital of Mewar kingdom. A kingdom which always fights for its sovereignty. Legends of Mewar attract me towards this place. Birthplace of great warriors who spend their lives for the welfare and happiness of their people.
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