Hill Forts Of Rajasthan

India is well known to the world for its ancient civilization and magnificent historical heritage. Many examples of historical monuments can be seen in different parts of India. The biggest challenge today, we are facing is the preservation of our heritage sites. But surprisingly one of the big achievement for India comes in 2013, during the 37th meeting of world heritage committee of UNESCO, in Cambodia. Where 6 forts from the Indian state of Rajasthan were given the status of World Heritage Sites and are known as Hill Forts Of Rajasthan.

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Countries Where Indian Can Go Without Visa

India is a nation which didn’t invade any country. But conquering the world with the message of peace and spirituality. After independence, India accelerates itself to spread the message of peace and prepared Panchsheel. India takes many countries in its confidence by such steps and improves its foreign relations. As a result here is the list of countries where Indian can go without Visa. Continue reading “Countries Where Indian Can Go Without Visa”


When Lord Venkateswara Ordered For Presence In His Court Tirupati

Lord Venkateswara temple located at Tirumala hills in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati the richest temple after Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India. Everyday thousand of devotees visit to meet their Lord. Finally, the day came when Lord Venkateswara allowed us to meet with him and we arrived to submit loyalty towards Lord in his court. Continue reading “When Lord Venkateswara Ordered For Presence In His Court Tirupati”


Untold Stories of Udaipur

Udaipur was once the capital of Mewar kingdom. A kingdom which always fights for its sovereignty. Legends of Mewar attract me towards this place. Birthplace of great warriors who spend their lives for the welfare and happiness of their people.
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