Ghalib Ki Haveli- Exploring The 300 Years Old Lost Treasure of Delhi

At Ballimaran lane in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, there stands an old Ghalib ki Haveli just like many other old structures in this historic part of the National capital of India. But this structure has separate importance as it symbolizes the influence of Urdu poetry.



Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan is popularly known as Mirza Ghalib, one of the unforgettable name of Urdu poetry. But the world recognizes his work quite late. 

About Mirza Ghalib

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Do you really think the name needs any introduction? I don’t think so…but let’s talk how he reached Chandani Chowk. Mirza Ghalib is well known for his Ghazals and Shayaris. He was born in Agra and at a very young age, he got married. Later on, he faced towards Delhi. At Chandani Chowk, one of the Hakim who was fond of Ghazals gifted Ghalib his Haveli. And Mirza Ghalib spends his rest of life in this Haveli. His life was full of tragedies but I don’t think this is the right platform to discuss his life tragedies instead to appreciate his work.

aage aatī thī hāl-e-dil pe hañsī

ab kisī baat par nahīñ aatī

Ghalib Ki Haveli

The lost treasure gets its importance very late. When Mirza Ghalib passed away in 1869, the Hakim who gifted him an admirer of Ghalib’s poetry regularly came there in his memories. After that, the haveli went into the dark no one care about it. Till 1964 when the government took possession of Haveli and auctioned the Ghalib ki Haveli. 

Mohammed Ali Farooqi took the Haveli at 22,400 rupees. He rented it out to tenants but after his death, there was no legal heir of the property. Since then, the Haveli has seen multiple hands which deteriorates its importance. There were coal store, a small manufacturing unit, a baraat ghar inside the Haveli.

Guzar jayega yeh daur bhi Ghalib, Zara itminan toh rakh,
Khushi he na thehri toh gham ki kya aukat hai…!

In 1999, Delhi Government acquired the remaining part of the Ghalib ki Haveli and restored it. Currently, it is under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India.

Location And Structure of Ghalib ki Haveli

If you are planning to visit Chandani Chowk then don’t forget to include the place in your wishlist. To reach the Haveli you have to reach Chavadi Baazar Metro Station. From there it is about 850-m at Ballimaran lane. 

The Haveli like other old structures of Old Delhi resembles the classical Mughal era architecture. With old Lakhori stonework and creaking entrance door, the interiors of the Haveli are beautifully decorated to give the feeling of Ghalib’s presence. As you enter the hall a huge painting of Mirza Ghalib smoking his hukkah greets you into his home.

Explore the Haveli

The Haveli has a great collection of items of Ghalib’s time. Collection of his work is displayed. He was fond of Chess and Chausar which are displayed there. But you will feel a little disappointed. Apart from a brief history of his life and boards with some of Ghalib’s couplets, there is not much to keep you engaged.

If you are fond of Ghazals and Shayaris and want to feel the Ghalib’s presence. Just go there with the collection of his work. Sit anywhere in the Haveli and start reading and feel the aura of the Ghalib. He likes Kabab, Bhuna Gosht (fried mutton), Sohan Halwa, Dal Murabba. When you come out of Haveli dipped in the color of Ghalib’s Ghazals and Shayaris and roaming the streets of Chandani Chowk in Shayarana mood, with the taste of street foods like Kabab, chat, halwa gives the great experience to feel the life of midevial era Delhi and will get the chance to feel Mirza Ghalib.

Ik Roz Apni Rooh Se Poocha, Ke Dilli Kya Hai. 
To Yun Jawab Me Keh Gayi,
Ye Duniya Maano Jism Hai Aur Dilli Uski Jaan

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