5 Awesome Train Routes In India!!

Railways always unified all states of India like thread the Pearls in a thread. Traveling in Indian Railways is always an exciting and mindblowing experience. It gives us all kind of experiences with people of different cultures and regions. So, here are 5 best train routes in India.

Indian railway is always connected with our life or we can say we have grown up with some excited and bitter experiences of railways! We all have a great experience with the railways like… scheduling how to reach the station on time. Excitement to know the platform number from where we have to board the train. Magazines, sipes of tea, heated political debates with co-passengers. With such a great experience of Indian Railways, we are now presenting 5 best train routes in India.

5 Best Train Routes in India

These 5 best train routes in India will definitely excite you again to experience the beautiful journey of Indian Railways.

1. The Himalayan Queen (Kalka to Shimla)

The Himalayan Queen (source)

Like its name the Himalayan Queen, the ride also makes you feel ‘filmy’. This toy train ride was first started in 1903 and covers the distance of about 95 kilometers by passing through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges. In 2008, the Himalayan Queen gets a place in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ride is a little bit slow as it takes about 6 hours to complete the ride but also a great picturesque ride.

2. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling)

5 best train routes in India

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways is another Himalayan toy train ride. This ride gives you the first look of north-eastern beauty of India. Along with one of the best tea plantations of Darjeeling. The toy train ride also gives you the experience the different landscapes. The ride is hooded with the Himalayas, forests, tea plantations also you may get the mindblowing view of Kanchenjunga. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways get a place in UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999.

3. Vasco Da Gama to Londa

Vasco Da Gama to Londa (source)

The 108-kilometer train route of Vasco Da Gama in Goa and Londa in Karnataka is completely covered with the beautiful vegetation of western ghats. You will feel the sprinkles of water while passing via Dudhsagar waterfall. Time after monsoon is the best time to enjoy the journey and feel the vibrant red color of clay soil.

Currently, there are 9 trains available on this route.

4. Train From Qazigund to Baramulla

Qazigund to Baramulla

Planning to next tour to Kashmir? then don’t forget to add the train ride of 61 kilometers from Qazigund to Baramulla on your travel itinerary. The ride will give you mindblowing view of the valley covered with snow and Chinar trees. So, what don’t forget to include the ride in your itinerary?

5. Mandapam-Pamban-Rameswaram

Mandapam-Rameshwaram Train (source)

The route is known as one of the most dangerous routes in India, as the train runs on a thin bridge. If you are an adventure freak then must have to experience the ride. This route connects Mandapam in Tamil Nadu to the Rameswaram via Pamban with a great view of the Indian Ocean.

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