The 8th Theatre Olympics in India

The 8th Theatre Olympics in India

The 8th Theatre Olympics in India with about 465 shows and 600 performances from across 35 countries. Hosted by the 17 Indian cities and lasts for 51 days is the largest Theatre Olympics till date.

We all have heard about the Olympics, Winter Olympics but few of us are aware that, there is one more form of Olympics!? And this Olympic is not related with sports!! strange!? but you heard right!!. It is not about sports. It’s all about theatre & art and the Olympic is known as THEATRE OLYMPICS!!

It is totally different from Olympic games. But one thing that is common about all kinds of Olympics is they originates from Greece. Yes! Theatre Olympics also started by Greeks.

About Theatre Olympics

The Theatre Olympics was established in Delphi, Greece in the year 1993. It is an international Theatre festival initiated by the efforts of Greek theatre director, Theodoros Tezopoulos.

Theatre Olympics provide platform where exchange of culture, ideologies, language, art forms, artists takes place of different countries. The main objective behind the organization of Theatre Olympics is to bring the world under single umberala, through the collaboration and exchange of art.

Art, Freedom, and Creativity will change society faster than politics said by Victor Pinchuk. The saying seems true when we look for Theatre Olympics.

The Theatre Olympics in INDIA

8th Theatre Olympics in India
8th Theatre Olympics in India

The 8th Theatre Olympics is hosted by India at Red Fort. The symbol of the first freedom struggle of 1857. It is a first time that India is hosting the Theatre Olympics. Moreover, this Theatre Olympics in India is going to be the largest till date, with 465 shows and 600 performances from across 35 countries. The festival lasts till 8th April 2018 and performances are schedule across 17 Indian cities with the closing ceremony in Mumbai. Cities other than Delhi and Mumbai are Agartala, Ahmedabad, Bengeluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jaipur, Jammu, Patna, Kolkata, Varanasi, Manipur, Guwahati, thiruvananthapuram.

The moto of the 8th Theatre Olympics in India is THE FLAG OF FRIENDSHIP and the artistic director of the festival is Ratan Thiyam.

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Information And Schedual

Drama (credit)

Timing of the event: 2PM to 10PM

Entry fee: Rs 50 to Rs 250

Last day of the festival: 8th April 2018

To know about the Schedule in Delhi click (Here)

To book tickets and more information click (Here)

So, if you are a fond of art and culture then don’t forget to spend some time to make the 8th Theatre Olympics in India a great success. Great opportunity to get entertain with the old vines with all new taste and stay with #traveltrap for all new updates.

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