Railway Ticket Booking Trick- The Circular Journey Ticket

Railway Ticket Booking Trick- The Circular Journey Ticket

While making travel itinerary one of the most challenging tasks we face is booking tickets. So if you are a travel enthusiast and like the Indian Railways journey then this Railway ticket booking trick will going to help you a lot…

Usually, while making travel itinerary we face a lot of problems regarding the selection of the mode of transport for traveling. Most of the people prefer to take the service of one of the worlds most complicated and largest network, The Indian Railways. But, booking ticket in railways is really a challenging task especially if you have a planning to cover multiple destinations. Here we are going to inform you about the kind of ticket from which most people are unaware.

Railway Ticket Booking Trick

If you are planning to travel multiple destinations, then from getting rid of the multiple tickets for each lag of journey Railway is providing you a convenient option of Circular Journey Ticket. The ticket will give you the benefit of telescopic rates which are cheaper than the regular fare.

What Is Circular Journey Ticket?

If you are planning to cover multiple destinations on your trip or want to go on pilgrimage, Indian Railways have a special provision of Circular Journey Ticket for your convenience. This ticket has flexibility and is available at discounted rate. The ticket is issued for every route which begins and ends at the same station.

railway ticket booking trick
Fare Charges According To Distance

The detail information about the route and fare about the circular ticket can be obtained from nominated stations in each Zonal Railways. A maximum of eight break journeys will be admissible on these tickets.

Booking procedure

Some of the regular route of Northern Railways

Railway has prepared some of the standard routes for this circular journey ticket as you have seen in the picture above for Northern Railways but if you have your own itinerary then you have to submit your final itinerary to the Divisional Commercial Manager of the Division of major stations to which the journey commencing station belongs. The authorities will then calculate the cost of the tickets based on your itinerary. Then the station master of the respective station will receive the copy in the standard format. They will provide you the form regarding your journey itinerary which you have to show at the ticket counter of the journey commencing station. For more detailed information, you can visit the link to Indian Railways

So this is the Railway Ticket Booking hack or can say Railway Ticket Booking Trick. This is to help you to get the ticket at the cheap price in a convenient way. And to get rid of the tickets for each lag of journey.

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