Experience The Life Of Prisoner In The Heritage Jail Museum

Experience The Life Of Prisoner In The Heritage Jail Museum

Have you ever thought about the life of a prisoner? How a prisoner spends time in a jail, its routine, and blah blah…..? If yes then this heritage jail museum in the state of Telangana is for you to experience the life of a jail.

A very interesting and only of its kind in India the heritage Sangareddy jail in Telangana gives you an amazing experience to spend 24-hours like a prisoner. The heritage jail is situated in Sangareddy district, separated from Medak district in Telangana.

About Sangareddy Heritage Jail Museum

Central Jail of Sangareddy (Source)

The jail was constructed in 1796, during the time of Nizam Ali Khan of Hyderabad. During initial days it was used as the horse stable, but Britishers converted it into a jail. It is the oldest jail recorded in the state of Telangana. In 2012 the new jail was constructed and the inmates were shifted to the new jail. So, the jail administration decided to convert the heritage jail into a museum and open it for people to experience the life in a jail.

Outer Walls of Jail (Source)

Structure Of Sangareddy Jail

The area occupied by the jail is about 3 acres. Today the jail constitutes of 2 wings one for male and other for female. There are total 10 barracks, 9 in the male wing and 1 in female wing. The jail is converted into heritage museum under the supervision of IPS DG V.K Singh. The administration is looking forward to listing the heritage museum jail in Telangana Tourism official itinerary.

Prison Corridor (Source)

How To Reach Heritage Jail Museum Sangareddy?

The closest city is Hyderabad. The road distance between Hyderabad to Snagareddy is about 65 kilometers. Public transports are available to reach the Sangareddy.

Procedure To Experience The Life of A Prisoner

  1. You have to submit one medical certificate and one no objection certificate.
  2. Pay the entry fee of rupees 500 only. (charges are 500 for 24-hours).
  3. Get enrolled as a prisoner.
  4. Submit all the items including mobile and gadgets.
  5. Collect the prisoner kit which includes khadi uniform, plate, and glass, a mug, bedding.
  6. Aminities are provided as prescribed by state prison manual.
  7. Experience the life of a prisoner.

NOTE: Nothing is allowed to do except cleaning of barracks and planting.

The motive behind the concept is to make people aware, how difficult is it to spend a year in a jail. You are not allowed to communicate with the outer world, just living alone. This is an appreciable initiative of the state police department to increase awareness about the life of prisoner so that people think twice before committing any kind of crime. The initiative also allows people to know about the heritage and law simultaneously.

Inner Walls Depicts The Information About Punishments (Source)

So if you are planning to visit Telangana then don’t forget to experience at least one night in the prison. It is only of its kind present in India and provides a great experience along with the knowledge. Further, the authorities are also working to develop a children’s park and Ayurvedic Village in the campus of Jail.

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