When Lord Venkateswara Ordered For Presence In His Court Tirupati

When Lord Venkateswara Ordered For Presence In His Court Tirupati

Lord Venkateswara temple located at Tirumala hills in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati the richest temple after Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India. Everyday thousand of devotees visit to meet their Lord. Finally, the day came when Lord Venkateswara allowed us to meet with him and we arrived to submit loyalty towards Lord in his court.

Way To Tirupati

We board a flight from Delhi to Chennai at morning arrived at afternoon and took a direct bus for Tirupati from CMBT bus terminal Chennai. The bus took around 3 hours to cover the distance of about 150 Km.

There are two routes for bus

  • Via NH 205
  • Via NH 71 and Chennai Road

Our bus follows the route of NH-205. By evening we were in small and beautiful town Tirupati. The infrastructure of the town amazing every thing was properly managed. A huge gate is constructed at the outer of the town with the images of Garuda avatar of Venkateswara.

Aerial view

NOTE: Direct flights are also available for Tirupati and Tirupati airport is at outer of the town about 15 km.

The bus terminal at Tirupati is made by world class facilities and has a good environment for tourists and pilgrims.

Stay In Tirupati

Shrinivasam Pilgrim Amenities Complex

By exiting the bus terminal there was a statue of Telugutalli. Besides the statue, there was a huge building constructed by the temple trust for the stay of Pilgrims Devasthanam (Srinivasam Pilgrim Amenities Complex). We tried to take rooms at Devasthanam, but due to a large number of advance booking, it was quite difficult for us to get rooms. So we decided to stay in a hotel near by place Srinivasam. Hotels are available at very affordable rates with good facilities.

Entrance of Town

NOTE: Hotels are available at very affordable rates but the most suitable alternative is to book guest houses online on the website of Tirupati Temple trust. A lot of guest houses are available at Tirupati and at the hill of Tirumala.

Way To The Balaji Tirupati The Richest Temple At Tirumala Hills

Way to the Tirupati The Richest Temple
Saptgiri Checkpoint

Next morning we took a bus from Tirupati to Tirumala. To reach the temple pilgrims has to pass through seven hills. The place is also known as Saptgrahai because of seven hills. The path for walking and roads of vehicles are available. Just before the entry in the hilly area, a security check is done at a place named Saptgrahai checkpoint.

By passing the seven hills finally we reached the destination Tirumala. It is a hill station with the beautiful weather condition and amazing infrastructure. Clean place and everything is properly maintained. At the hill station, a special type of bus service is provided, which is free of cost. People can travel one point to other via bus without pay. Near the bus stop, a huge market is present. We have seen a shop of state government, it was of handicrafts. The shop was good but quite costly and I think it is obvious as the products have quality and creativity. The products are completely handmade and reflect the culture and tradition of Andhra Pradesh.

Free Bus Service in Tirumala
Free Bus Service

We reached the locker room where we changed our clothes and submitted all our belongings. Temple has a dress code to maintain the culture. According to the dress code men has to wear dhoti, lungi along with shirt and women has to wear Saree.

Darshan Of Lord Venkateswara

After final security check, we followed the queue. Before reaching the temple premises we had passed through several gates, I think about 7 gates. Finally, we reached the temple premises, the premises there was a single gate for entry and exit. Temple management tries its best to maintain proper crowd management. Good coordination and team work spirit are seen among Scout and Guides, state police and temple staff.

While entering, at right side there is a Mandapam. Which is called Krishnadevarayalu Mandapam (Pratima Mandapam). On the opposite side of the Mandapam statues of the emperor of Vijayanagara empire, Krishnadevarayalu and his two consorts Tirumala Devi and Chinnaddevi are present. The Mandapam is constructed in Vijayanagara architectural style. And at the left side of the main entrance, there is a tall statue of Venatapatirayalu, the king of Chandragiri with folded hands is present. These statues are made up of copper. There are many Mandapams are present in the temple premises.

Suddenly along with the crowd, we entered the main compound of the Temple from where we have seen Lord Venkateswara in the garbhgriha.


NOTE: Only chief priests are allowed to enter in the garbhgriha.

The idol of Lord Venkateswara made up of black stone Shaligrama Sila (Shaligrama stone) and was decorated with gold and flowers. Pilgrims always remain excited to meet lord and have only a few seconds for Darshan. These few seconds when we focus on Lord give satisfaction to soul and feeling of relaxing. I have seen the lord for about 5 to 7 seconds.

Walking In The Premises

View Of Temple At Evening

After getting out from the main compound. I have plenty of time to observe the outer of the compound. And tried to figure out what makes Tirupati the richest temple. It is made up of gold, and reflects the Dravidian art and is a beautiful example of Dravidian architecture. At the top of the main structure of temple made up of gold Lord Venkateshwara was situated along with two saints. A second and third layer of the structure various statues are made which most probably represents the court of Lord Venkateshwara. At the side of walls of the temple, the story of Lord Venkateshwara’s marriage is described.

Prashadam Of Lord Venkateswara

While getting out of the temple we get Prashad. Ladoo is served as Prashad and at the exit, there are counters from where we can receive Ladoos by showing the receipt. The payment of the laddoos are done online and we just have to carry the receipt to get them from the counter.

Specialty of Prashadam

The special type of laddoos is served in Prashad. These laddoos are the patent of Temple, so we can not get that quality of laddoos from anywhere except the temple.

Prashadam Of Tirupati

Besides Money, What Make Tirupati The Richest Temple

After collecting the Prashad we came out of the temple. Collect our baggage and spend some time outside the temple. It was evening time and the atmosphere was amazing. The continuous play of classical music and the atmosphere of religious hill station make the place not less than the heaven. We feel ultimate pleasure by spending time with Lord Venkateshwara. Happiness and the energy of positivity enhance the feeling of spirituality.

The Tirupati Venkateshwara Balaji temple always remains the center of spirituality in southern India, and every major empire contributes in the flourishment of the temple from Chola to Pandayas and Vijayanagara empires. The temple remains not only the center of spirituality but also the symbol of Dravidian culture, tradition, and richness. All these things give us Tirupati the richest temple in the world.

NOTE: Tirupati the richest temple after Padmanabhaswamy Temple in India.

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