Bhutan The Mysterious Kingdom In The Lap Of Great Himalayas

Bhutan The Mysterious Kingdom In The Lap Of Great Himalayas

The most mysterious kingdom of the planet, which always remains unknown to the outer world Bhutan. It is now the most attractive destination for travelers where development is not measured by the GDP growth but by the Happiness Index. If you want to explore the most mysterious place on earth, then the kingdom of Bhutan in the lap of great Himalayas is the most attractive destination for you. Here we will discuss about the places to visit in Bhutan.

Himalayan kingdom sandwiched between India and China is unique mysterious place on the planet. The kingdom state has an overflowing bowl of blessings from nature. The loftiest mountains, ancient culture and traditional Bhutanese architecture, where countries development is not measured in GDP but focuses on Gross Happiness Index, makes Bhutan the unique Himalayan Kingdom. Beautiful houses surrounded by paddy fields, flow of rivers in the lap of the Great Himalayas is one of the most attractive destinations on earth.  Bhutan is always the choice of famous personalities of the world, from Prince Charles to Brad Pitt. Bhutan always remains the mysterious place to the outer world, which attracts the travelers of all over the world.

Here are some of the magical places to visit in Bhutan, which is sure to captivate your mind.

5 Places To Visit In Bhutan


places to visit in Bhutan
Image of Taktshang from Wikipedia

The Taktshang known as Tiger’s Nest is located in Paro Valley. It is a prominent sacred place of Buddhism. The monastery is located at 800 to 1000 meters above the valley. It is a place where Guru Rinpoche, meditated for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, and 3 hours in the 8th century. Guru Rinpoche was the monk, who introduced Buddhism to the Bhutan and Tibet. Due to which Taktshang is one of the most sacred places in the Himalayas especially in Bhutan.

Today Taktshang is best known for its caves in which Guru Rinpoche meditated. It is said that he had flown in the wrathful form of Dorje Droloe.

Dorje Droloe:

It is a wrathful form of Padmasambhava to overcome the evil and to protect the future generations from the evil forces. Padmasambhava is popularly known as Guru Rinpoche in Bhutan and Tibet and is the second Buddha according to them.

A popular festival Tsechu is celebrated in honor of Padmasambhava in the month of March or April. Thus, it is a place where myth and history blend and through the forests gives unforgettable memories. From the religious point of view, this is one of the places to visit in Bhutan.

Can also see Mindrolling Monastery in Dehradun

Dochu La Pass

Image of Dochula Pass from TripAdvisor

The Dochu La Pass is located about 1000 meters elevation from the Thimpu, with the driving of about 1 hour. It is a place from where we can see the whole view of the eastern Himalayas along the border with Tibet. Dochu La Pass has very important place in the history of Bhutan. The place connects with the breath taking landscape of Tibet and has a special place in the history of the country. It has 108 stupas and attractive golden butter lamp dedicated to the armed personals of Bhutanese Army. They fought against the insurgents in 2003, and achieve tremendous victory over insurgents. This marked the victory of the king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

In the honor of the armed personals and to celebrate the victory in the battle, the Queen mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck had turned Dochu La into a war memorial complex. Every year with the white beauty of snow on 15th December special festival is celebrated here.

Punakha Dzong

The Punakha Dzong is the evidence of the coronation of Ugyen Wangchuck the first king of the dynasty in 1907. Dzong is the center of power since the 17th century. Punakha Dzong is like a magnificent boat in between the two rivers. It has a traditional wooden cantilever bridge which is an amazing example of strong traditional Bhutanese architectural achievement. The cantilever bridge had fallen down during the flood in the year of 1957. It was then restored in a similar way as that of the original bridge. During the winter monastic community shifts to the Punakha Dzong from Thimphu.

Punakha Dzong

Dzong Architecture:

It is a different kind of fortress architecture in Bhutan and Tibet. Dzong serves as the administrative, military and religious and social gatherings in the region. Firstly it is the house of the monks, then half of the rooms are allotted for the administrative work and remaining half of the rooms for religious work.

Tamzhing Monastery

Tamshing Monastery by

The Tamzhing Monastery is in the Choekhor valley of Bumthang district. It is also on the tentative list of the World Heritage Sites. The temple was built by Great master Pema Lingpa, in about 1505. Tamzhing monastery has the oldest paintings of Bhutan. Till 1960 it was privately owned temple after that it was taken by the government. Master Pema Lingpa travels to Tibet and recovered mystical religious texts and artifacts hidden by Guru Rinpoche. Thus he is very prominent and known figure in Tibet and Bhutan. Tamzhing Monastery is also the home of traditional sacred Bhutanese dance.

Khoma Village

Textile in Kushutara design by

If we are talking about Bhutan then, our motive will remain unfulfilled if we can’t talk about handloom of Bhutan. The traditional dressing style followed by Bhutanese always makes me curious about the handloom of the Himalayan Kingdom. To know about the mystery behind the unique and attractive dressing sense of Bhutanese, you have to come to Khoma village. The village is one of the places to visit in Bhutan.

It is a center of traditional hand woven textile works. It is famous for the Kushethana design. The village is located at the altitude of 1700m in the Lhuentse district. Textiles are one of the unique characteristics of Bhutan and are a symbol of rich culture.

These are the some of the selected places, must be in the bucket of the travelers, who are planning to explore Bhutan.  For more information stay with us, give suggestion in the comment box and subscribe us from the link given below.


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Great post, and the photos are beautiful!

Cyril Dason

Bhutan looks like an amazing place to go. Someday I hope, so tjat I can blog about it as well!

Rizal Abdillah

Likeeeeee… i am from INDONESIA. So wonderful himalayas

Rakesh Sharma

I love these places . I am planning for same destinations in December mid with my family.


Those 5 places you describe in Bhutan seems heavenly! The landscapes are so peaceful, I would love to visit someday…