Road Trip To Nainital

It was a pleasant evening we were enjoying coffee in our apartment. While gossiping, suddenly an idea for a road trip clicked in my mind and immediately a plan was made. The plan was for a road trip to Nainital from Delhi. As the plan was all of sudden thus we didn’t have a lot of time to execute the plan. We immediately packed our bags and hired a car Innova. Continue reading “Road Trip To Nainital”


Niagara Falls Of India – Chitrakote Falls

India is blessed with a lot of natural beauties, and the waterfalls act as the catalyst in the beauty. One of the rarely known and Indias one of the best secretly kept waterfalls is Chitrakote Falls known as the Niagara Falls of India. The place gives an amazing view of natural beauty with dense forest and tall trees. Nearby places which are also good tourist spots are Tirathgarh Waterfall and Kanger Ghati National Park.

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