Places to visit in Dwarka

Places to visit in Dwarka

Dwarka is a sub-city and is constructed in a planned way. The Sub-city is looking forward to becoming a smart city. Thus, it has a lot of places where people of different age groups can hang out and spend some time for enjoyment after getting tired from busy city life. So let’s discuss hangout places in Dwarka.

Dwarka in Delhi is second Diplomatic Enclave for 39 countries. It is the largest residential suburb in Asia, with a total of 1718 residential enclaves, and a net population of 1,100,000. Earlier the area was known as Pappan Kalan during Mughal era most probably at the time of king Shah Alam.

Old tales say Pappan and Kakkan were two brothers who aspired to become chieftains of a tract of land. They fought a duel and Kakkan was killed. The story reminds one of Romulus and Remus fighting over the seven hills to found a capital. Romulus slew Remus and founded Rome after his name. Both stories are good legends, but convincing only as far as tales go.

Currently, Pappan Kalan is named after the name of Lord Krishna’s kingdom Dwarika. Now, Dwarka is developing as a smart city.

So, let’s talk about the hangout places in Dwarka Sub-City.

Places to visit in Dwarka

1. DDA Sports Complex 

If you are sports enthusiastic this place makes you crazy and if you are not then this place influences you to become sports enthusiastic.

Badminton Court at Dwarka Sector-11 DDA Sports Complex
DDA Sports complex badminton court
Football ground at Sports Complex in Dwarka Sector-11
DDA Sports complex football ground

If you have an interest in sports and like to play at a free time, then Sports complex at sector-11 has to be your first choice. You can enjoy various sports here, by paying a minor entry fee or can take a membership. It is spread in the large area, a little bit crowded during weekends but, for sure if you are a sports enthusiastic then this place is for you.

Religious Spot

2.  ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple in Dwarka

It has only one aim and that is to spreading the values and teachings of Vedas. ISKCON Dwarka is a beautiful place for gaining such values and for making your life even more fruitful and meaningful. It is a unique Vedic and cultural Education Center. Located in the heart of a cosmopolitan city. This center is determinedly trying to build up the spiritual and ethical fabric of society with the help of different cultural and spiritual educational programs.

It is situated in Sector-13, just about 1.5 km from Dwarka sector-13 metro station. It is a good place to get close to spirituality, culture, and teaching of Vedas and Lord Krishna.

Historical Site

3. Dwarka Baoli 

Loharehri Baoli is recently discovered in Dwarka
Dwarka Baoli

The Baoli has been recently found in Sector-12, Located on a barren stretch of land between a residential society and a private school on Azad Hind Fauj Marg. It is believed that this Baoli was constructed during Lodi Dynasty and has alternate name Loharehri Baoli. It is a small Baoli but it is still glorious one can visit this place if interested in the architecture of the medieval era. It’s one of the rare peace of medieval architecture available in the area.

Technology Awareness

4.  Aeroplanet 

Aeroplanet In Dwarka
Aeroplanet at Dwarka Sector-8

Seeing airplanes in the air makes you excited and generates curiosity in you to know about them more and more then Aeroplanet is a good place for you to visit. Various activities held here for different age group from children to adults. It was created in 2005 for imparting Air Travel Safety, etiquette and sports recreation training to Schools, Colleges, Groups in safe, enclosed and environment-friendly area.

The campus is nearby to both Dwarka sector-8 and Dwarka sector-9 metro stations.

For Self-introspection and relaxation

5. GNOSTIC centre 

GNOSTIC Center to hangout at Dwarka


The Gnostic center is designed to preserve the sanctity of the structure through simple yet elegant planning and material application. It incorporates structures like the meditation hall, Samadhi, Hostel and seminar hall.

The campus is organically cultivated with a lot of greenery and an open fresh environment. The beauty increases with the presence of peacocks and various varieties of birds and makes you attract again and again to the place.

Programs are organized for the Growth of Consciousness are Meditation, The Science of Living, Power of Attitude. It has a fitness center that has Yoga studio, Gym, and Cafe. The place has a good architecture with greenery. It is a good place for self-introspection.

Sri Aurobindo said, ” We do not belong to the past dawns, but to the noons of the future.”

Last but not least – SHOPPING

6. Sector-6 Market

The market of sector-6 is one of the biggest markets in Dwarka and a good place for shopping. Showrooms of big brands are present here. Moreover, the place is also famous for the food courts and street foods.The market is known to be a foodie’s hub. The vast stretched market has modest places serving tasty desi as well as desi versions of different food items.

Shopping At Market
Dwarka sector-6 market

Hangout At Market

These are some of the selected hangout places in Dwarka to visit. It covers almost all the aspects of expectation we have to hang out or visit either with friends, family or individually.


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